Entrepreneur and photographer based in Manila, Philippines. 


Chris Yuhico is an entrepreneur and photographer. He is involved with private and non-profit organizations in various capacities. These firms engage in multiple industries in Asia and Europe, such as web development, media and content production, import/export trade, tourism, and social development.

Having a lifelong fascination with history and how it shapes the present, Chris is passionate about projects that help bridge cultures with education through the arts. His photography work has been featured on the Philippine National Museum of Anthropology, Deutsche Welle, as well as various publications, shows, websites, and commercial campaigns around the world. His creative passion also leads him to films, and he has been involved with numerous documentaries on the more nuanced aspects of Philippine culture.

Chris is also passionate about the beauty of the oceans and their preservation. He is a  PADI Divemaster and has spent over a decade diving around his home country of the Philippines.





I show that which I hope to see in the world.

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